Steinbeis-base consulting:




Further consulting on request:

  • Consulting for companies and institutions
  • Assistant consulting/Coaching
  • Reports and analyzes
  • Service Design




Consulting - basic competence at Steinbeis. The Steinbeis Transfer Center for Industrial Design provides comprehensive design services and development work.


advise.manage.develop - The first step of a possible collaboration with the Steinbeis Transfer Center can start with a basic consultation. Here, an initial inventory of the advisory to the company and its products is performed depending on the requirement. Then fix vulnerabilities detected and starting points for the subsequent design transfer are identified and explained.

You get a hint in which design measures in the future will be increasingly important in your business and should be implemented.

The brief consulting is offered on request in two variants:

Initial consutings supported by the STCID

Steinbeis brief consulting commissioned and funded by Steinbeis


Basically, at the STCID consulting services for companies and institutions in various stages according to demand requirement. To the topic Design To view the respective companies as possible holistic and integrative, also an assistant consulting or coaching offers, which can be carried out in the company up to the formation and establishment of competence centers for design.

In addition, provide design analysis and opinion an excellent way, inter alia, to recognize the current design status of your company and continue to work with or without the support of its own corporate direction and strategy.